Grand Canyon IMAX Theater

Grand Canyon National Geographic IMAX Theater

* One of the first IMAX theaters ever built.
* Plush seating is available for 524 guests, plus access for 8 wheelchairs.
* Theater shell is 56 feet above ground and 12 feet below grade.
* Facility was built during the winter months and in extreme weather conditions.
* It has a 60 X 80 foot giant screen.
* Over 11,000,000 people have watched the world famous film Grand Canyon IMAX Movie at the theater.
* The Theater has averaged 125 people per show, 12 shows a day, 365 days a year, for 20 straight years.
* Theater is being considered for Guinness book world record on for longest running IMAX film at one location.
* Over the years other amenities were added on to the theater for the benefit of the travelers to the Grand Canyon.

Arizona Office of Tourism

The National Geographic Visitor Center desk is located conveniently in the Theater Lobby. The Visitor Center is host to the only "official" Arizona Office of Tourism available in Tusayan or Grand Canyon. The desk offers an array of media and literature covering all of Arizona's spectacular sights, focusing primarily on the Arizona high country. Stop in and talk to our local representatives who can offer advice for travel in and around the Grand Canyon based on extensive knowledge of the area. Our representatives are locals who have lived here for a time and have experienced all that the Grand Canyon and its surrounding area have to offer.

Official National Park Pay Stations

The National Park Service has Pay Stations located at the South Entrance and East Entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. Frequently there are long lines of vehicles waiting to enter the Park, particularly during the peak tourist season. Now that these stations accept credit cards, the waiting time has appreciably decreased.

Fast entry into the Park can now be accomplished by paying entry fees at the Official Pay Station located in the National Geographic Visitor Center. A special entry lane then allows vehicles to circumvent the heavy traffic lanes and to enter the Park with virtually no delay.

There is no additional fee for using the National Geographic Visitor Center Pay Station.

The National Geographic Visitor Center is located on Hwy 64/US on the left hand side just 2 miles south of the National Park Entrance Gate and 1/2 mile north of Grand Canyon Airport.

National Geographic Visitor Center - Grand Canyon
Highway 64, US 180
PO Box 3309
Tusayan, AZ 86023-3309
Phone: (928) 638-2468
Reservation Fax: (928) 638-4641

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